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4 Legs Good is mainly me, Claire Kirby, with 16 years of experience and quite a lot of qualifications.  I have helped hundreds of people with their pets’ problem behaviours, and I still feel lucky to be working with people to help them identify, understand and resolve problems to improve welfare of both people and pets. 

In addition to seeing dogs and their people, I write what I hope are useful blog articles for dog and cat lovers to help them understand and live more harmoniously with their pets.  I also write the ‘Green Dog Blog’, where I hope to help dog and cat lovers keep their pets more in harmony with the planet.  Check the 4 Legs Good environmental and ethical statement here.

Inevitably, over the years, through working with people and their pets, I’ve developed video and written resources.  It seemed a shame not to make these accessible to other trainers and behaviourists, so I have further refined the ‘4 legs good professional resources’ and they are available to other dog professionals through this website.  These are probably most useful for up and coming professionals who have not yet developed resources of their own.  There are videos of live consults for trainees to observe and also my dog training manual and report writing system for other behaviourists to use with their own clients.   The 81 page dog training manual also works as a stand alone resource for both dog owners and dog trainers (for use with their clients). 

I’m currently unable to take any new clients please try abtcouncil.org.uk for your nearest, qualified practictioner

Resources for up-coming behaviourists
Behaviour consultations
Behaviour Consultations
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I'm currently unable to take any new clients. 

To find your nearest, qualified behaviourist or trainer go to the animal behaviour and training council www.abtcouncil.org.uk








“first time on the beach. She loved it! Even had her off the lead for a while. Can’t thank you enough, Claire, never thought we would get to her to this point”
“I feel like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders”
“I was thinking about you the other day, without the training and treats I don’t know what we would have done really”
Copy of “I feel like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders”
There has been a dramatic improvement in Sasha's behavioursince your visit(1)
tango and Gail
doug testimonial
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