4-Legs-Good Professional Resources (Training Manual & Report Writing System)


The resources include:

4-Legs-Good dog training manual (which you can edit)

Report writing system: ‘Problem behaviour protocols’


  • Reactivity out of the house
  • Barking in the garden
  • Management with visitors
  • Handling issues
  • Resource guarding
  • Problems between household dogs
  • Separation related behaviour
  • Sound sensitivity
  • Problems in the car
  • Problems between cats and dogs

Report writing system: ‘Concept information handouts’


  • Changing associations
  • Constructing a training plan
  • Training plan table
  • Diary sheet
  • Template initial report (to provide during the consultation)

The resources also include helpful report lines which can be copied into client reports.

You will receive downloadable links to the resources upon completion of purchase.