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Many people live with problems with their pets unaware that they can sometimes be quite simple to resolve, resulting in a closer, more satisfying relationship for both pet and owner.

Communication between owner and pet can break-down, leading to all sorts of problems. These might range from 'control' problems, such as not coming when called, or pulling on the lead, to more serious problems including fears and phobias and aggression.

There are as many potential problems as there are dogs and cats! Some 'behaviour' problems may simply be training problems that have got out of hand.  We are well placed to work out what is going on and point you to the right service.

The key to resolving these problems is to understand the motivation for the behaviour from the animal's point of view. This allows for behaviour therapy to take place in a 'language' that the animal would understand using modern, reward-based methods.

We offer a range of services from affordable, one2one dog behavioural clinics and telephone/skype cat consultations to dog behaviour home visit consultations  and cat behaviour home visit consultations. 4-Legs-Good also has a specific programme for simple dog-to-dog aggression problems.

Contact us for a no obligation chat, or to arrange a consultation, and together we can resolve the problem.



If you need help with basic obedience training, but can't make group classes, one2one sessions are for you.  Both Claire and Deb offer one-to-one for specific training problems, minor problem behaviours, or for your new rescue dog.  All training uses modern, kind and effective methods including clicker training.

We are also offer dog training classes at our fantastic facilitiesClasses are run by Lesley Thompson, please get in touch if you are interested in joining.

We also offer fun dog activities such as agility, scent work and rally 'o.'


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