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Rehab Club

The monthly re-habilitation club is specifically for dogs that have problems with other dogs.  Understandably, if you have a dog aggressive dog it can be hard to get friends and family to volunteer tohelp you with their friendly dogs becaues of the risk.  At the re-hab club the problems dogs help the other problem dogs!

We have so much room at the clinic facility we are able to space the dogs out at optimal distance.  The idea is then to occupy each dog with an interesting activity  so that they learn that they can be ok and have fun focusing on their owner with another dog(s) nearby.

There are two of us on hand, both myself and Deb Gallimore

We also have a stooge dog and handler on hand to work with each dog in turn.

5 sessions one session per month (so as not to over load the dogs) costs £50 and runs during the evening in the summer and on a weekend in the winter.

To qualify for the club each dog will need to have had a behaviour consultation so that they have been assessed and to ensure that the owner understand what they need to do and are able to do this.

The re-hab club is proving to be a very popular addition to our services, providing a progression and helping owners move from one2one sessions in a controlled environment whilst gradually reintegrating into doggy society.  It really does seem to help members stay motivated and progress - they also get to know and support each other. It can be good for people to know that there are others out there struggling just as much as they are!



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