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Puppy Home Visit

Bringing a new puppy into your family is a time of great excitement and anticipation. You may have been in close touch with your breeder for some time and have been waiting for the big day for what seems like an eternity. You may also have agreed to take on a rescue puppy from one of the many welfare organisations, either way it is something to look forward to.

You may have researched and meticulously planned for the big event, reading books and listening to advice. There is so much information available out there that it can be difficult to decide what path to take, everyone has something to say about how puppies should be fed, housed and trained and everyone is suddenly an expert. How confusing!

The best laid plans can always come unstuck, puppies are individuals, and while they all have breed specific traits if your pup is a mixed breed you might not know what that mix is. Puppies of the same breed or even the same litter can have very different personalities and therefore raising and training a puppy to become a confident, well-adjusted adult dog that fits well into your family and the wider community is not a one size fits all procedure.

Finding a good positive reinforcement puppy training class is a great way to go however puppies cannot attend these until they have completed their initial course of vaccinations. This is to protect your puppy from disease while it is vulnerable, however there is plenty of learning that goes on before the12-14 week stage when pups are usually fully vaccinated. Getting things right at this early stage will set you and your puppy up for success further down the line.

Here at 4 Legs Good we have a new puppy starter visit a 2 hour appointment in your home covering all the bases. A 4 Legs good dog training manual and an email summary after the visit are included. Each puppy visit is different because everyone’s set of circumstances vary but some of the subjects commonly covered are…

  • House training
  • Feeding
  • Crate training
  • Puppies and children
  • Appropriate games
  • Grooming basics
  • Daily routine
  • Introducing the harness and lead
  • Priming your puppy to reward based learning

Deb Gallimore is our puppy expert.  In addition to having been a qualified dog trainer with over 20 years experience she is an experienced breeder and member of the Kennel Clubs Assured Breeder Scheme since 2009.  Deb is passionate about puppies and their early days in a new home.

The cost of a new puppy starter visit is £90 plus travel at 50p per mile each way from SY5.

Further 121 sessions can be booked with Deb at £30 per hour plus travel.  If you book and pay for 5 sessions in advance following a new puppy starter visit the cost is £125 plus travel.


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