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Dog Consultation Home Visit

At an initial 2-3 hour home visit consultation appointment I take a full and detailed case history, to try to work out what is going on. During the consultation I demonstrate training techniques where appropriate and we may go for a walk. You also receive a copy of the 4-Legs-Good Dog Training Manual, containing useful background information and how-to sheets - there is also a link to useful video resources via the website. Your tailor-made report will follow about a week after the initial appointment and it will tie into the Dog Training Manual to complete your behaviour plan. The cost of a home visit consultations also include a 45 minute follow-up appointment, usually about a month to 6 weeks later. This can be either in person at one of my weekly clinics on a Tuesday or  Wednesday at the West Midlands Showground or by Skype.  Unlimited email and telephone support is also part of the deal.

You will need to see your vet first to ensure that any physiological cause for the problem behaviour is eliminated, then they will be able to refer you to us. You can download a vet referral form here.

Home visits allow me to see animals in their own environment, giving me opportunity to see how you all interact at home and ideally all household members should be present. The history-taking needs to be thorough, as every animal and every situation are different - hence the need for expert advice to pinpoint the root of the problem. I need to ensure that everyone is happy and understands. The date for the follow-up appointment can be discussed during the initial consultation.

The cost of a home visit consultation, behaviour modification plan, manual, video resources and inclusive follow-up appointment is dependent on where you live - I work on a zonal system, or work out where you are from our services table. If you are outside these zones, please contact me for a quote. Zone 1, nearest to our centre in Shrewsbury, is £280, while Zone 2 is £310, Zone 3 is £340 and Zone 4 is £370. If you have insurance then you may be able to claim my fee, as I am a full member of the APBC and Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist.

No matter what, the success of the behaviour modification plan  depends your commitment. The plan may produce rapid resolution in some instances, but more often requires time and effort on the part of all family members. A copy of the report will be sent to your veterinary surgeon.

Clients with pet insurance can likely claim my fee, because I am a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors and a Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist.

If you need help please contact us.


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