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West Mids Showground

Dotty Spog doing some agility at the West Mids Showground, SY1 2PF

Claire and 4-Legs-Good have been working from the 53-acre West Midland Showground for the last 8 or so years.  In 2016 Claire took the opportunity to convert an old stable into a clinic and 4-Legs-Good now run a weekly clinic from here.  In addition to providing excellent facilities for client consultations, the clinic also provides a more affordable option than a home visit whilst managing the wait - there is often a month or so's wait for a home visit. 

The showground facilities provide a perfect environment for training, recall training and rehabilitation work - particlarly for dog-to-dog problems.  It is a completely secure location, with no risk of other dogs running in from the left-field. The showground also has a variety of environmental features that we can take advantage of, such as for simulating walking down a busy street, or feeding the ducks in the park.  At the moment we are running monthly practical rehabilitation and training sessions at the showground for dogs with problems with other dogs. 

We hope to be able to provide training classes here soon too. This is very useful environment in which to teach positive, effective techniques to improve your dog's relationship with you and others.  Claire, Deb and Lesley also use these facilities to offer one2one sessions in basic obedience and various fun training exercises, such as scent work, agility and much much more.








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