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Dog2dog Problems

Many people find it a nightmare walking down the road with their dog because their dog lunges and barks at any other dog that they meet.  This is stressful and embarrassing - not to mention no fun for dog and owner.  It is also potentially damaging for the other dog concerned.  Often these dogs get walked late at night when no one else is around, not walked at all, or they end up in a rescue centre.

Dog2dog problems are the most common problem that we are asked to help with.  Never fear - there is much that can be done to improve the situation!

The first task is to work out why the dog is behaving in this way.  Dogs can behave like this for a number of reasons, primarily fearfulness arising from poor socialisation as a puppy or due to a bad experience.  Barking and lunging aggressively is an effective strategy to get the other dog to go away.  Alternatively, they might behave uncontrollably around other dogs, because they are frustrated at not being able to have contact with the other dog.  Often it is a combination all of the above!

The 4-Legs-Good Clinic at the West Mids Showground provides the perfect facilities for this type of problem - whatever the weather! A dog2dog clinic appointment provides 53 acres of secure space, with only the dogs that we know about present.  There are limited distractions and we have a range of friendly, specially trained stooge dogs to to help you and your dog. I will have someone with me to handle the stooge dogs so that I can give my full attention to you and your dog.  Alternatively, we can come to your home or on one of your local walks, but then home visit consultation prices apply.

It is likley that there may be other problems than just the problems with other dogs, I  take a full case history at the initial consultation - which includes, the 4-Legs-Good Dog Training manual, notes specific to the problem, an assessment with real stooge dogs and an email summary for you to follow a few days later.  A dog2dog consult is more expensive than for other problems at £175 as it requires an additional person to handle the stooge dog. The initial consultation is ideally followed-up with further rehabilitation, through additional appointments at the showground in Shrewsbury and ideally also in more 'real life' environments. 1 hr follow-up appointments cost £75, again more expensive due to paying the 'stooge' dog handler.  Often clients with this kind of problem then feed into the 're-hab' club there is then the option to feed into our confidence building walks.  This extra support and help usually leads to a very sucessful outcome!

If you think your problem is more training-related than behaviour-related, see our Dog Training page for more information.


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