Copthorne Behaviour Clinic

I am only available for dog consultation through the ‘Copthorne Behaviour Clinic’ at the Copthorne Veterinary Practice in Shrewsbury.  The management of the clinic is through the Veterinary Practice and to enquire further or to book, please contact:
Copthorne Veterinary Clinic
114 Copthorne Road
Tel: 01743 360 614


You don’t have to be a client of Copthorne to attend the clinic, but you will need a referral from your own vet, as behaviour problems can be caused or exacerbated by physiological conditions. Clinic appointments are one2one consultations, just you and your dog, not a class.  Access is through a separate entrance to the vets, so your dog won’t even know they are at the vets!

In addition to helping you with your dog, the Copthorne Behaviour Clinic is a teaching clinic aimed at helping trainee behaviourists get qualified as Clinical Animal Behaviourists (CAB’s).  There are 2 cases per clinic, one led by myself (£300), and the other led by one of the more experienced trainees (£200). In each case if you have insurance, then contact your company as they may cover the fee.

Pets and their owners are referred by local vets to the clinic whilst trainees from throughout the UK come to observe and contribute. 

  • For more information and to book you and your dog in, contact Copthorne vets.
  • Interested trainees, should look at ‘certified animal behaviourist training clinic Shrewsbury’ on Facebook for details dates, costs and cases.  Booking is through the Copthorne vets