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Cat Phone/Skype

We can conduct the consultation by skype or over the phone. A skype/phone consultation usually takes about one and a half hours and is often a lot like detective work!  The risk of not getting to the bottom of what's going on without a home visit is mitigated by Claire's more than 12 years of experience and by the information we ask for up front.  This includes a completed questionnaire, a plan of the house and any useful video footage.  I then take a a full, detailed case history on the day and work out what I think is going on.  I generally give some on-the-spot advice and you will then receive your tailor-made behaviour modification plan about a week after the initial consultation.

A separately charged follow-up appointment a month to 6 weeks after the initial consultation,also by phone and skype, is often advisable.

Skype/telephone consultations cost £150 and follow up appointments are charged separately at £50.

All behaviour consultation services include unlimited email or phone support.


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