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Cat Case History: toileting issues


Jess is a black and white, 7 year old female cat, spayed. The owner obtained her at between 6 and 8 weeks. Jess had been toileting in the house every night, both urine and faeces. This had been going on for about nine months. The problem started just after the owner moved to her present address. The owner was living alone, previously having always lived with other people. Diagnosis After taking a comprehensive case history it was concluded that Jess, unused to being left alone in the house over night lost confidence in her ability to go out at night and started toileting indoors. It is possible that other neighbourhood cats were intimidating her, exacerbating the problem.

Treatment Plan

The vet had referred Jess and any physiological cause of the problem had therefore been eliminated prior to the consultation. Urinary infections are often implicated in indoor toileting in cats.

The owner was advised to:

  • Thoroughly clean area where the cat has soiled using biological washing powder followed by surgical spirit.
  • Bait the toileting site using dry cat food. Cats will not toilet near food.
  • Use Feliway in some strategic locations. Feliway is a synthetic version of the feline pheromone deposited by a cats face when they rub and it promotes feelings of comfort.

A follow up call 2 weeks later found complete resolution of the problem; no more indoor toileting and happy owners.


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