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Behavioural Referral

If you would like to refer a patient to us, we are happy to for the referral to come in which ever way you choose to send it - phone, email or you can  download our referral form and our table of services. The referral forms and any clinical records may be posted, faxed, or emailed to us, ideally prior to the behavioural consultation.

As the pet behaviour profession is not yet fully regulated, it is difficult for pet owners to know where to look for advice. Qualified behaviourists working on veterinary referral cuts through much of the uncertainty as to the legitimacy of the advice.  Unfortunately, not all clients know they can ask their vets for help.

Behaviour problems, unlike many physiological problems, tend to be chronic and therefore ongoing.  Feedback from our clients indicate they are appreciative of someone having the time to listen to them and to deal with their pets' problems (see the Testimonials on the right).  We are able to provide people with the tools and the time they need to develop thorough treatment plans that are suitable for their individual circumstances.

Statistics for relinquishment and PTS for behaviour problems are alarming. In recognition of this, veterinary practices are increasingly offering their clients a behaviour questionnaire when they come in for their annual booster. The vet then knows which of their clients are in need of behavioural referral. As such, here we have included a dog questionnaire and a cat questionnaire for you to provide to your clients.

We are based in Shrewsbury and we offer clients both home visits and clinic behaviour consultations. Every client receives a copy of the 4-Legs-Good Dog Training Manual, which we tie in with their tailor-made behaviour modification plan.  With inclusive telephone and email follow-up, this is a comprehensive service. 

We only work on veterinary referral, so if your clients contact us directly, we will ask them to visit you before booking their appointment with us. Sometimes a medical problem may be the underlying issue, but there are behavioural components in addition. In such cases, referral may be appropriate, but only once medical issues have been resolved. Frequently, the client can claim my fee through their insurance, as I am a member of the APBC and accredited as a certified clinical animal behaviourist by ASAB, but they need to check with their provider. It is our policy for the client to pay the fees at the time of the consultation and the client then be reimbursed directly from the insurance company.

Working closely with vets, not only rules out any underlying physiological causes of the behaviour problem, but it also opens the lines of communication between the behaviourist and the vet. Please do feel free to contact us at any point. The vet always receives a copy of the report from us and feedback on how their client is progressing.  With expert guidance and client commitment, most problem behaviours can be improved - some dramatically so.  In many cases, the problem can be entirely resolved.


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