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Behaviour - Dogs:

What are behaviour problems in dogs? They take a varity of forms, aggression, dog2dog issues, separation problems, over arousal and noise sensitivity to name but a but a few - often a combination of several of these!  The defining characturistic that distingushes behaviour problems from training problems or simple disobedience is the individual's underlying emotional state.  Fear, anxiety, frustration and enjoyment all regularly feature in the problems that I come across - often in combination.  Add in the dog's breed, innate temperament, life history and how they are currently managed and it is usually possible to tease out what is happening and from there come up with a coherent treatment plan.     

I work closely with the referring vet to ensure that there is not a physiological issue (such as pain) underlying the behaviour problem.  In this way, I endevour to look at the whole picture and  try to provide you with a plan that is likely to work and fit with your expectations and lifestyle.  Each dog and owner combination is totally unique and I  tailor advice and treatment to your individual situation.

These behaviours are normal behaviours for the animal - only becoming 'problems' when they occur in inappropriate, human situations.  I aim to identify and address the underlying issues whilst also focusing attention on the safety and legal implications, rather than just targeting the problems behaviour.  Then, as a team we work towards long term improvement and/or resolution of the problem behaviour - this will take work on your part.

With my training and experience I am ideally placed to establish what is going on, training problems can develop into behaviour problems if not dealt with, often through the vehicle of over arousal!

Wondering what a typical behaviour consultation involves? See this example case history of a dog with a dog2dog aggression problem.


Behaviour - Cats

Cats are sensitive beings, and can become easily stressed by changes in their home and/or local neighbourhood environment. Most problems involve toileting, spraying in the house, aggression or over grooming. Toileting and spraying problems are inconvenient, embarassing, damaging to the cats welfare and potentially expensive!

Behaviour problems in cats are largely caused by stress of one kind or another - most often the stress of other cats!  Whilst cats are a social species, they don't need other cats and once a problem between cats developes it can be difficult to resolve - they don't need it to.  With the increasing density of cats in the UK, suffering amongst amongst cats is on the increase.

Most of my suggestions involve changes to the cat's micro environment.  The right expertise is essential to pin point what is going on.  Practical advice suited to your unique circumstances will stand the best chance of resulting in long term improvement and/or resolution. See this example case history of a cat with a toileting problem.



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