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These days life is difficult for people. We are required to force ourselves to fit between the constraints and pressures of modern life.  Unsurprisingly perhaps being a modern, family dog is also challenging.

No-doggie says it better than Snoopy!

4-Legs-Good took the decision to become a Community Interest Company in an effort to be more effective.  Behaviour problem in pets cause more deaths and decisions to euthanise than cardiac disease, infectious disease and cancer combined.

Currently, the pet industry is unregulated and animal behaviour is misunderstood by most of the population, including many practicing professionals.

Pet behaviourists tend to treat one individual at a time when a problem arises.  Whilst it is fantastic to make a difference to individual lives, this seems like a drop in the ocean.  

4-Legs-Good aim to improve our impact through:

  • Educating vets through talks and lunch ‘n learns
  • Working with local rescues:
    • to help with staff training and ideas to make the animal’s stay less stressful
    • helping with literature to help owners of rehomes settle their new pets in
    • giving discount for our behaviour services for recently rehomed pets from our local partner rescues
  • working within the industry to raise standards
  • educating the next generation through teaching new behaviourists at Harper Adams
  • educational networking events for pet professionals in the area

Currently 4-Legs-Good CIC has relationships with:

If you have recently rehomed a dog or cat from any of the above mentioned rescue centres and you are experiencing problems then please get in touch as we offer a discount!


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