4 Legs Good

4 Legs Good (CIC) is mainly me, Claire Kirby, with 15 years of experience and quite a lot of qualifications, I have helped hundreds of pets and their owners in Shropshire, the West Midlands, Staffordshire and the Welsh Borders. 

Whilst my passion to improve the lives of pets and their owners remains undimmed, the ever-increasing need for behavioural counselling and a growing understanding of the importance of qualified practitioners (together with an insufficiency of said practitioners) has seen my popularity outstrip my ability to deliver.  In addition to this, inevitable family responsibilities have further focused my priorities to maximise my impact in helping pets and their people. 

Apart from pets’ welfare, my priorities are twofold:

  • Getting new behaviourists qualified.  These days, I’m only available for dog consultation and only through the ‘Copthorne Behaviour Clinic’ at the Copthorne Veterinary Practice in Shrewsbury.   The Copthorne behaviour clinic is also a training clinic assisting up and trainee behaviourists in getting qualified. 
    • You don’t have to be registered with Copthorne vets.  
    • Booking is on referral from your own vet and through Copthorne Vets.
  • To get as much useful information as possible out to owners and other pet professionals through my blog.  Pet behaviourists tend to treat one individual at a time when a problem arises and whilst it is fantastic to make a difference to individual lives, this is a drop in the ocean.  My years of experience seeing what can go wrong whilst understanding why, gives a useful perspective.  Being a pet behaviourist involves much more writing than one would imagine and the practice has gotten me into writing.  Reasons for the blog:
    • everyday advice to help prevent problems developing
    • to help owners understand ‘normal’ behaviour
    • interesting information
    • I get to talk about our pets and even our dead pets!
    • and I’m opinionated!