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Pet Behaviour Counselling

Animals can be wonderful companions and we love them. However, sometimes our relationship with them comes under strain. Many people living with difficult pets are not aware that their lives could be made easier. Issues such as:

  • aggression
  • excessive vocalisations
  • toileting
  • destructiveness
  • car travel stress
  • chasing
  • sound phobias
  • general control name but a few, can all be improved or resolved, making life more rewarding, with less stress for both pet and owner. 4-Legs-Good offers modern, science based advice providing kind, effective solutions to these and other behaviour problems in dogs and cats.

With over 13 years of experience and exceptional qualifications, 4-Legs-Good Community Interest Company (CIC) counsels clients in and around the West Midlands in the UK. Based out of Shrewsbury, we have helped hundreds of pets and their owners living in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Stafford, Stoke-on-Trent and Telford, but also in other parts of Shropshire, the Welsh Borders and the West Midlands.

Click this link for more information about behaviour-related services and this link for information about dog training sessions.

Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page, or why not take a look at some example cat and dog case histories to get an idea of what is involved?

Vets, you can make a behavioural referral to us here.

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