4 Legs Good

4 Legs Good is mainly me, Claire Kirby, with 16 years of experience and quite a lot of qualifications, I have helped hundreds of owners help their dogs with behaviour problems. 

Working with people to help them identify, understand and resolve their dogs behaviour problems is a passion.  These days I’m working with Abbey Vets in Shrewsbury and in return for helping them make the practice more behaviourally aware, they do my bookings!  We also accept referrals from other local practices which means that you don’t have to be with registered with Abbey vets to see me.  However, you will need to contact Abbey vets for more information and you will need to book with Abbey vets too.  

In addition to seeing behaviour clients, I am helping Abbey vets design behaviourally aware puppy parties (for when things are allowed to open up again).  It feels good to be part of stopping problems developing in the first place especially now, with the lock down pet syndrome.  Abbey and I are also developing ‘de-sensitsation clinics’ to help those dogs and cats that struggle with going to the vet cope better, making veterinary visits less stressful for all concerned!

Obviously, we pet behaviourists can only help one individual at a time when a problem arises and whilst it is fantastic to make a difference to individual lives, this is a drop in the ocean.  In an attempt to redress the balance, I try to get as much information as possible out to owners and other pet professionals through my blog. 

A behaviour consultation with me Costs £300 and the below is included in the cost:

  • 1 hour on-line case history session– where Claire asks lots of questions
  • 2 hour in person home visit consultation (only available within a 20 mile radius of Shrewsbury town centre) where Claire comes to your house and asks lots more questions, explains what she thinks is going on and explains and demonstrate what to do about it (expect to go for a walk). 
  • You get a copy of the 4-Legs-Good Dog Training Manual and advice sheets at the in-person consultation.  This all ties in with a written report that you will receive a few days later.
  • Together the report, advice sheets and manual outline the reasons behind the problem and give you a step-by-step plan of action. 
  • A 1 hour follow up appointment is included, either in a field or on-line depending on the problem. 
  • Certain problems (such as dog-2-dog problems) may require additional practical, face2face hands-on follow up which is charged separately.
  • Unlimited telephone and/or email follow-up
  • The report is copied to your vet. 

If you have insurance, because i am a member of the apbc, fabc, and certified by asab and am on the abtcouncil listing you may be able to claim my fee.

I also offer a 1 hour zoom session (which can be translated to a full consult) for £100 to discuss your dog's behaviour problem.